If you’re in the market for steel fabrication parts and repair, then CDL Fabrication has a solution for you! CDL Fabrication has the ability for all types of parts. Repair and production with special emphasis on industrial and railroad companies.

CDL Fabrication offers

• Over 8,000 Sq Foot Shop
• Over 8,000 Sq Foot Shop
• 350 Ton 12 Foot Press Brake
• 15 Foot Plate Roll
• Custom Welding
• Shearing up to .s Inches
• Punching up to ,75 Inches
• Custom Tube/Handrail Bending
• g Foot x 20 Foot Computerized Burn Table
• Two 10 Ton Overhead Cranes with 20 Foot Hook Height

CDL began in the electric business in 1964 and over the years has expanded with twelve additional divisions to meet the needs of home owners and businesses in the 4 state region. With Offices in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri and crews throughout the country, one call gets CDL professionals to create solutions for you.