Since 1986, CDL has been providing signal solutions for the railroad industry! What started in Southeast Kansas has expanded into signal maintenance and installation of Highway Grade Crossing Signal Warning Systems with short line railroads and industrial facilities throughout the United States. Now CDL has added services like communications, control shelter wiring and assembly, yard and crossing security cameras, decals and railroad signage and horizontal boring. The CDL Fabrication Division also works with customers to provide steel parts and products for the various needs of our customers.

CDL continues to provide solutions for railroads and industrial facilities!

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Since 1986, CDL has been providing signal solu­tions for the railroad industry! What started in southeast Kansas has grown to provide these same services for railroad lines and .... Read More


If you're in the market for steel fabrication parts and repair, then CDL Fabrication has a solution for you! CDL Fabrication has the ability for all types of parts. Repair and production.... Read More

High Voltage

The CDL High Voltage Service helps prevent and solve electrical power problems through electrical engineering and testing, preventative maintenance, repair, replacement, and power.... Read More


CDL represents the #1 selling Standby Generator by 'Generac' which provides automatic backup power to protect your business and crossings during a power outage....  Read More


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Take control of your yard and crossings with CDL Security! CDL Security Systems utilize products that are the best in the business! Use land line, broadband or cellular technologies to manage your security....  Read More

Signs and Decals

CDL has over 35 years serving the needs of railroad customers with a full-service line of signage products! CDL Signs offers standard and custom decals and signage for.... Read More


CDL represents Motorola, the leader in radio communications for your work teams. Motorola technology means integrated voice and data and clearer voice communications....  Read More