Spotlight on the Maintenance Division

From basic preventative maintenance all the way to acquiring vehicles and machinery, the CDL Maintenance department is always one of the busiest departments in the complex. There are currently more than 300 vehicles in CDL’s fleet and Mark Blome and his 9 person crew are responsible for every one of them. In addition to the fleet of vehicles they are responsible for maintaining, the CDL maintenance crew also takes care of almost anything with a motor.
Whether they are operating a crane or repairing our lawn mowers, the maintenance crew at CDL keeps our engines running!
When asked what the biggest thing he wished people know about his crew, Mark ‘wished people knew the dedication that his crew has and the pride they put into their work every single day.’ Working in the shop area creates some of the hottest jobs in the summer and the coldest jobs in the winter, but there is little the Maintenance department won’t do to keep CDL up and running safely.

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