Since 1964, CDL has been providing services and solving problems for home owners in so many areas! It started with electrical work and has expanded into plumbing, heating and air, security, generators and now solar energy. There are so many things CDL can do to help make your home more safe and efficient!

Let us be THE solution for your home!


CDL is the most trusted name in Electrical Services in the 4-states for your home, business and industrial contracting. CDL began in 1964 as S&S Electric and... Read More  


CDL Plumbers are highly-trained professionals that assess your situation to offer the most efficient and least costly solution. We work on your schedule... Read More

Heating & Cooling

CDL is a trusted name in Heating and Cooling for your home, business and industrial contracting. The CDL staff have years of experience in the 4-states area...  Read More

Solar Energy

Solar energy is emerging as a dominant energy resource for homes and businesses in the 4-states. Installing solar energy is dependent upon qualified electricians and plumbers and CDL has you covered with... Read More


CDL represents the #1 selling Home Standby Generator by ‘Generac’. The Guardian Series provides the automatic backup power to protect your home and business during a power outage...  Read More


Take control of your home and business with CDL Security!... Read More
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