CDL represents the #1 selling standby Generator by ‘Generac’ which provides the automatic backup power to protect your home and business during a power outage. Connected to your existing LP or natural gas supply, it kicks in within seconds of determining a power loss and runs as long as necessary until utility power returns.

Another solid reason for choosing CDL for your generator service is quality installation with our qualified electricians. CDL is the most trusted name in the 4-states for providing services for your home, business and industrial contracting.

Why Generac?

– Superior engine to get you through hours or days without utility power
– Evolution Controller with multilingual, two-line LCD text display
– Fuel options for LP or natural gas and easily converts without tools
– Mobile link that allows a remote monitoring and control with your phone or computer
– Powder coat finish that handles all types of weather
– Quiet ‘self-test’ feature
– Superior installation from CDL professional electricians

Let CDL install your Generac Generator!

CDL began in the electric business in 1964 and over the years has expanded with sixteen additional divisions to meet the needs of railroads, industrial clients and ports and terminals nationwide. With offices in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri and crews throughout the country, one call gets CDL professionals to create solutions for you.