Since 1986, CDL has been providing signal solutions for railroad companies and industrial facilities with a full range of signal services. Our experienced, professional staff deliver comprehensive signal and communications services throughout the United States. CDL currently maintains over 3500 crossing warning signals for ports and terminals, industrial facilities and short line, regional and Class 1 railway operations. With over 150 years of combined railroad experience among our senior staff, CDL will work efficiently, safely and professionally to solve your signal situation!

Signal Services from CDL include:

– Highway Grade Crossing Signal Installation
– Wayside Signals
– CTC and ABS Signals
– Control Shelter Wiring and Assembly

Signal Repair and Maintenance

CDL performs regularly scheduled FRA required monthly, quarterly and annual inspections and maintenance. We also provide FRA required relay and cable testing every four and ten years,

Our maintenance programs include troubleshooting, repair, materials supply and rehabilitation services. CDL will inspect your signal system and give you a detailed report on each location. Our reports include priorities, recommendations and cost estimates for any repair or replacement needed.

Remember CDL

All CDL staff are highly trained in personal safety, individual railroad operating rules, function and equipment specific tasks. As a leader in the industry, CDL staff are knowledgeable in the latest railway signal practices and technologies.

What started in Pittsburg, Kansas has grown over the past two decades to provide outstanding services for railroad lines and industrial facilities all over the United States.

CDL began in the electric business in 1964 and over the years has expanded with sixteen additional divisions to meet the needs of railroads, industrial clients and ports and terminals nationwide. With offices in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri and crews throughout the country, one call gets CDL professionals to create solutions for you.