Wiring Shelters

CDL specializes in pre-wired shelters with our proprietary wiring harnesses to work with any crossing or complete wired packages, built to your specifications. Whatever your needs, CDL delivers the shelter to your site, ready for installation.

CDL Wiring Shelters are all-welded, heavy-duty, low-maintenance signaling and equipment bungalows that have a durable exterior finish with fully insulated, vandal-resistant doors and three-point locks. The gable roof design with passive ventilation creates a stylish profile that also prevents interior condensation. The heavy-duty lock set with padlock handles is vandal-resistant and easy to operate.

Our finished, insulated interiors are built for durability and allow easy access to wiring and equipment with front and back door entrances.

Our experienced staff will work with you to meet your needs by producing the highest quality, custom-wired systems, fitted to your specifications.
Let CDL team provide a solution for your wiring shelters.

CDL began in the electric business in 1964 and over the years has expanded with sixteen additional divisions to meet the needs of railroads, industrial clients and ports and terminals nationwide. With offices in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri and crews throughout the country, one call gets CDL professionals to create solutions for you.